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Introducing elegance into today’s contemporary office environment.

The UNO was developed in response to a need for a sleek and minimal desktop module to suit the style of today’s contemporary desking and workspace environment.

UNO Schuko Black

  • - INTEGRATED THERMAL RESET SWITCHES - In addition to specific aesthetic requirements, the challenge was to find a solution to the costly issue of fuses blowing due to improper use. Integrated thermal reset switches simply turn off as the UNO cleverly detects misuse, eliminating the need to replace blow fuses.


    - TYPE A&C - The UNO is now available with Type A&C USB incorporating the latest technology for fast charging of compatible USB Type C devices with better performance in terms of speed. The latest A&C UNO still incorporates Type A USB for charging older units therefore giving users the option of charging powered USB devices old and new.


    - POWERSAVE - Individual illuminated Powersave switches.


    - FUTURE PROOF - Future proof design allows easy installation of up to two data sockets.


    - Includes 800mm drop lead tomale GST & Desk clamp to suit up to 30mm worktop.

  • Electrical:

    Input: 230–250V

    USB Type A: 2.4A

    USB Type C: 3A

    USB Shared: 4.2A

    Max current: 13A

    Individual thermal reset: 3.15A


    Datasheet - Download

    3D - Download

    Brochure - Download

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