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Introducing compact power in a sleek package. This minimalist desktop module is perfect for workplace, hospitality, home, and any hybrid work environment.


Colour: Black
  • - TRIP FREE - The Nano module incorporates ‘Trip free’ circuit breakers which comply with section 5.5.7 a of BS6396.2022. A trip-free circuit breaker is a breaker that will trip (open) even if the operating mechanism (ON-OFF switch) is held in the ON position.


    - TYPE A&C - The NANO comes with Type A&C USB incorporating the latest technology for charging of compatible USB Type C devices.


    - INTEGRATED THERMAL RESET SWITCHES - In addition to specific aesthetic requirements, the challenge was to find a solution to the costly issue of fuses blowing due to improper use. Integrated thermal reset switches simply turn off as the NANO cleverly detects misuse, eliminating the need to replace blow fuses.


    - Includes 800mm drop lead tomale GST & Desk clamp to suit up to 30mm worktop.

  • Electrical:

    Input: 230V 50Hz

    Output: 5V, 2.4A, 12.7W

    Power socket protection: 3A (TOTAL LOAD MUST NOT EXCEED 3A)

    2x USB outlet: USB Type A+C (2.4A combined)

    Cable: 0.8m Drop Lead H05VV-F 3G1,5 to GST18 type plug

    Table fitting: Supplied with C Clamp to suit tabletop thickness to 30mm

    Technical Sheet - Download

    2D/3D files - Download

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