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Introducing elegance into today’s contemporary office environment, the ION and ION DUO were developed in response to a need for a sleek and minimal in-desk module to suit the style of today’s contemporary desking and workspace environment.


These one-piece units are streamlined to the essential, with no joints and minimal thickness.


Taking on-board the inspiring motto “Less is more”, the ION and ION DUO’s clean shapes make it stand out in the market with its subtle approach to design.

Ion Duo

  • - UK Power + Dual fast charge USB A&C + Wireless charging

    - Integrated Thermal Reset Switches

    - Individual illuminated Powersave switches
    - 800mm drop lead to male GST

    - Worktop thickness: 10–70mm

  • Cut-out: 80mm


    Input: 230–250V
    USB Type A: 2.4A
    USB Type C: 3A
    USB shared: 4.2A
    Wireless: 10W
    Max current: 13A
    Individual thermal reset: 3.15A


    Datasheet - download

    Technical drawing - download

    3D - download

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